Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bio Diversity

I've just visited the Abstract City Blog, and come across this collection of leaves titled "bio - diversity". It made me laugh, a lot :) Leaves have been cut into shapes and given names as to what they resemble. I always wanted to collect leaves after they fell from the trees in Autumn, but wondered what I would do with a pile of leaves... This is the perfect solution!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Beautiful/Decay: Awesome Video of the Day

I am absolutely loving Beautiful/Decay's awesome video of the day feature. I've looked through every single page and found some really good videos and really good music :)
My favorite is "I'll be gone" by Mario Basanov & Vidis featuring Jazzu. Video by Korb (Pictured). Totally love it.

"The Beautiful/Decay website is a daily updated creative web portal that features exclusive content ranging from artist interviews, contests, and behind the scenes looks at the goings-on here at the B/D office and other creative establishments, artist studios and more around the world." The website contains lots of creative talent :) very inspirational.

One Fine Day

"James Joyce is a London-based artist and designer. At the start of 2006 he founded his own studio One Fine Day where he produces limited edition prints of his work as well as taking on commissions from a variety of clients."
His print work features crisp images and bold, bright colour schemes. I like the witty, light hearted feel to his work.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Telegramme Studio

"Telegamme studio offers interactive, illustration and editorial design as well as short-run and bespoke screenprinting sevices."


The coolest wedding invitation of all time, designed by Matt Dorfman, a New York based designer.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Hand Picked, Hand Made

Paper n Stitch is a community of buyers and sellers showcasing the best in art and handmade. I found bon bon the blushing squirrell (pictured) and fell in love. The website contains tonnes of creativity and ideas :)

Cantab Publishing

Alex Lukas also founded Cantab Publishing in 2001, where you can purchase selected zines and prints.


Alex Lukas uses a variety of techniques to create these drawings including ink, acrylic, water colour, gouache and silk screen for a seamless, photographic finish.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Pika Land

Pika Land is an art and illustration blog that catalogues up to date, creative work. I spend much of my time trawling through such blogs for ideas and inspiration :)

Lasar Cut Jewellery

Molly McGrath produces detailed lasar cut jewellery using sustainable materials. I like The Layers collection most of all, where the designs are inspired by overlapping patterns.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Little Paper Planes

Little Paper Planes is an online store which brings together a community of artists. Artwork, paper goods and clothing are all available to buy. Lots of pretty things to look through :)

To Buy!

I found a cute little website called Zookimono, where you can buy gifts such as hand screen printed laptop and ipod covers. I especially liked Gemma Correll's sweet treat patterns. Her website features much more of her illustrative work.

Quotes and Illustrations to Make You Happy

Eric Smith provokes happiness through his artwork. His Live Now project consists of a growing collection of quotes and illustrations encouraging you to live each day to its fullest. Visit the Live Now website to see more.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Interview: Jim Datz

I've just read another interview on Grain Edit, this time with Jim Datz, of Neither Fish Nor Fowl. (The interviews all follow the same clear structure, which I really like.) I enjoy finding out how other designers and illustrators work, and getting an insight into how they process their thoughts in response to a project. Lots of very useful material for new designers. Grain edit: I love you :)

Interview: Tim Gough

I've just read a really inspiring interview over on Grain Edit with Tim Gough where he talks about his background, design style and way of working. He also offers some useful advise for new designers: "Sketch out your ideas first and really nail down the concept, you probably have a bunch styles or looks up your sleeve, but that doesn’t really matter unless your work is conceptually sound."
I sometimes struggle with the concept vs style issue, and I've realised through my current project that coming up with ideas first, and developing from there is the best way of working.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Wax Scratches

Love, love, love this wax scratched piece by you don't matter. Some imaginative work, goes to show you don't always need to use a computer from beginning to end to make things look good! Oh so wonderful!!

Amazing Architecture

The Leaf Chapel. One half of the building is made of steel, and perforated with 4700 holes, each holding an acrylic lens. During the day, light filters through the lenses and projects a lace pattern onto the surfaces inside the building, and at night time, the detailed design brightly glows for all to see. Very pretty and unique. :)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Paper Installations

Kirsten Hassenfeld creates detailed translucent paper installations that reference luxury goods and decorative arts.

Glow in the Dark

Beautiful hand rendered typography by Daren Newman. I especially like his limited edition glow in the dark prints. Visit his website, me & my pen to see more.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Hand Craft

Owl cushion, 100% lambswool, knitted in Scotland. Donna produces some lovely crafty bits and bobs, I mainly like her furnishings but her creatures are pretty funky too! I'd love to make some of my own hand crafted items in the near future!

Geometric Mountain

Beautiful, detailed illustrations which must take hours to draw up! I do like geometric, repeated patterns :)

Sea-like Creatures

"Flocks of creatures spawned on the surface of a building, animated according to the physical bounds of the facade, as if they were aware of the design and appearance of the building."
This projection is amazing! Love the cute little animal creatures and how they move in relation to the shape of the building. View the rest of the photo's and the video on their website:
ToDo, who specialise in interaction and media design.

Tree Hugging

Esther Aarts, Illustrator and Designer. I like the style of her illustrations, she does some pretty nice stuff with collage too. Worth having a look at her website.

Circular Flyer

Flyer for the Australian Institute of Architects exhibition (September 2008). The fact that this flyer can be opened out into a big circle is a really nice idea. The vibrant yellow theme is also carried through the exhibition, as well as other related print media, and is used to "evoke a sense of Australian lively-ness."

Monday, 12 October 2009

Retro Futurism

I've noticed there seems to be a trend for futuristic, geometric illustrations lately, and this is a fine example. A beautiful piece of work by Sakke Soini. I could happily stare at it for hours B-)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Status Calendar

"What are you doing right now?" The Status Calendar allows you to write your daily status and keep track of your daily activities.

Calenders and rainbows are two of my favorite things!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

I was going to be...

Hard Times. Screen printed A6 postcards by Because Studio. I do like the card they've printed onto. Some nice work on their website.

Moss typography

Moss typography by Anna Garforth & Eleanor Stevens.
Environmentally friendly graffiti. I want this on my wall!

Hello world of bloggers :)

This is my first ever blog and I'm very excited about it!